Staff Attending ACI CNY Ken Hover Presentation

Several staff members from the Finger Lakes office are attending an ACI CNY meeting this week, which includes a presentation by Dr. Ken Hover. The presentation will cover “The Good and Bad of Concrete in Cool and Cold Weather.” John Pillar, P.E., S.E., is the current President of the ACI CNY Chapter. Also attending the presentation are Chris Latreille, Jamie Davis, Kyle Oberdorf, and Aaron Leentjes.

Paul Rouis Attending Michael F. Bette Memorial Golf Tournament

Paul Rouis, P.E., Principal, is participating in the 5th Annual Michael F. Bette Memorial Golf Tournament this week. The tournament is sponsored by The Bette Companies and Hope House and will be played at the Shaker Ridge Country Club.

Ann Clark and Doug Clark Attending ACEC New York Fall Conference

Ann Clark, P.E., LEED AP, Principal, and Doug Clark, P.E., Principal Consultant, are attending the ACEC New York Fall Conference in Lake Placid. The conference will feature exclusive networking and professional development programs. The conference runs from Sunday, September 17 through Tuesday, September 19. Ann is a member of the Eastern Region Board of Directors, and Doug is a member of the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation Committee.

BIM-M Update

The BIM-M Initiative – Building Information Modeling for Masonry – is well on its way toward its mission to unify the masonry industry and all supporting industries through the development and implementation of BIM tools for masonry.

I have been fortunate to chair the BIM-M committee for The Masonry Society (TMS) since 2013 and am excited to see how far we have come. So, what are the top things you should know about BIM-M?

1.  Where to Find Us

We have a website at where you can find all kinds of free information and downloads, including past presentations.

2.  LOD Development

One of the early BIM-M accomplishments was to develop a standard for Level of Development (LOD) for masonry.

After meeting and listening to masonry experts in the AEC community, we established a series of LOD recommendations for developing masonry systems. We then took our recommendations to the BIMForum. The BIMForum publishes the LOD Specification that defines the LOD for building systems in a similar fashion to how the AIA G202 document defines LOD for project deliverables. The BIMForum was extremely receptive to the suggestions from the BIM-M TMS Committee and incorporated our recommendations in the 2014 edition of the LOD Specification. In fact, they even put masonry on the cover!

3.  BIM Guides for Masonry

During our development of the LOD recommendations, we realized that some of the model development that was highly recommended by the TMS Committee was difficult to achieve using current Autodesk Revit tools.

Due to these types of modeling difficulties, the BIM-M Initiative set out to develop a guide for designers to present tools and tips for modeling masonry using Revit. In order to create the guide, we first reached out to firms as consultants with advanced modeling expertise: Integrus Architecture and CTC Design Software Solutions. With the help of Russell Gentry, a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, we presented a challenge to each of these firms: advance a masonry model to a high-level LOD. Among the items that we requested to have modeled were bond beams, vertical reinforcing, brick ties, stone accents, and masonry arches. Each firm submitted an independent report including their tips and suggestions for modeling masonry and also submitted the Revit model that was used.

The two reports have been compiled into the document “BIM for Masonry: Modeling Masonry Buildings in Autodesk Revit,” which is a free download at, as well as the BIM Deliverables Guide for Masonry Contractors.


4.  Videos

We recognized that some folks would rather ‘see’ the modeling tips instead of reading about them. So we put together a series of videos highlighting some of the modeling tips provided in the “BIM for Masonry: Modeling Masonry Buildings in Autodesk Revit” publication. These are available on YouTube, and you can find the link to all the videos here on the BIM-M website.

5.  Plug-Ins

The most exciting result of BIM-M has been the development of plug-ins – real solutions to masonry modeling in Revit.

Masonry Content Pack for Autodesk Revit

Check out the new “Masonry Content Pack for Autodesk Revit”, available as a free download from the BIM-M website and from Our experts have created such content as bond beams, vertical reinforcement in grouted cells, movement joints, arches, wall types of numerous conditions, various generic unit profiles, wall hatches for bonding patterns, flashing details, and more.

Future Plug-Ins

We are thrilled to announce that in July 2017, a new plug-in for Revit was released that addresses many of the modeling challenges. Check out the website!

Jamie Davis is a Masonry Society Board member and Chair of The Masonry Society BIM-M Committee, part of the BIM-M Initiative. Jamie presents at many professional society conferences on topics of masonry and BIM-M, and her work with the BIM-M Committee has been published in national publications.

Jill Shorter Attending SMPS State Agency Panel

Jill Shorter, Marketing Director, is attending a State Agency Panel discussion at September’s SMPS Upstate New York meeting in Syracuse. Attendees will learn more about the opportunities available with the State of New York. The panel will include representatives from some of the State’s top agencies, which will discuss new and upcoming opportunities, contracts, and projects that are slated to be advertised during the next year. Representatives will provide tips on securing these types of contracts and projects. In addition, panelists will discuss trends and innovations that play a key role in State contract procurement.

Stacey Thomas Attending CSI Meeting

Stacey Thomas, Restoration Engineer, will be attending the Eastern New York Construction Specifications Institute’s September meeting, which will feature a presentation on Accessibility Requirements and Codes. The program will cover the accessibility requirements that come from Building Codes (A117.1), the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), Architectural Barriers Act (ABA), and other Federal Statutes.  The presentation will examine the codes and laws and help attendees understand when each applies.

Binghamton University Smart Energy Building Grand Opening

Binghamton University celebrated the grand opening of its new Smart Energy Building, which will provide space for faculty, students, and industry scientists and engineers to work together interactively. The new building will accommodate research and development intiatives for the chemistry and physics departments. Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis was the Structural Engineer on the project and designed the ornamental exposed structural steel, which can be seen in the photos below. Binghamton University was the Project Architect; Fahs Construction Group was the Contractor. Chris Latreille, P.E., Principal Associate, attended the grand opening.

701 7th Ave LED Lighting

The massive 17,000-square-foot LED video display located at 701 7th Ave in New York City is now live. This section of the city is now called 20 Times Square, with the LED screen at 701 7th Ave being among the largest continuous exterior displays in the world and is the highest resolution exterior LED screen in Times Square. We were proud to work with SNA Displays on this project. Two videos below show the unveiling/lighting that took place last week.

20 Times Square LED Display Details

20 Times Square LED Display

Times Union Center Renovations Underway

Renovations at the Times Union Center in Albany are underway. Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis is providing structural engineering services for the $16 million project at Albany’s premiere event venue. The arena is being renovated and upgraded  to include an enclosed main entrance on South Pearl Street so the atrium is no longer exposed to the elements, and an enclosed rear entrance near the parking garage. Renovations also include a new media room that will accommodate 450 journalists, and new exterior signage, including LED displays. Below is a video showing the progress being made inside the Center.

Times Union Center Renovations

Sarah Krepel Celebrates 3 Years at Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis

Sarah Krepel is celebrating her third anniversary at Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis this month. Sarah is a Design Engineer in the Capital District office and works on many of the firm’s industrial, municipal, and commercial projects.

One of the recent projects that Sarah has been working on is the Times Union Center in Albany, NY.

“It has been fascinating to work on a building that is such a focal point within our community,” said Sarah. “I have appreciated the numerous opportunities to test my engineering prowess, from evaluating an existing lateral system to dealing with as-built conditions. The project has called for a great deal of communication between trades, the design team, and the county. We hope that everyone in the Capital District will be able to enjoy the Times Union Center at its completion and forgive us for any difficulties encountered in use during construction.”

Rendering of Times Union Center

Congratulations Sarah.