Serving our clients in 5 core areas

Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering

Repair and Restoration

Construction Support / Inspection and Testing



Our Parking Structures Group has experience in all types of structures, from precast concrete to post-tensioned concrete and steel frames. We have the ability to draw from our in-house specialists in performing a variety of services related to parking facilities: foundation design, superstructure design, materials evaluation, concrete investigation, and restoration. We have used this specialized expertise to provide our clients with durable and economical parking facilities, and with maintaining existing parking facilities. Over the last four decades, we have developed extensive experience in the design of new parking structures as well as the evaluation and rehabilitation of existing structures.

We have developed a reputation for solving complex engineering problems by developing innovative, cost-effective, and constructible solutions. Our breadth of experience in a variety of engineered projects gives the firm exceptional qualifications and insight to analyze and design parking structure projects. Parking structures must tolerate the forces of nature and traffic as bridges do, yet must be framed and stabilized as buildings. Materials must be durable to withstand the varied and corrosive environment of vehicular traffic in the Northeast.   In addition to parking structures, we have developed specialized expertise in durable concrete design and evaluation, bridge design and rehabilitation, materials testing and characterization, building design, and structural behavior.