Sheila Jweid-Webber Celebrates 24 Years at Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis

Sheila Jweid-Webber is celebrating her 24th anniversary at Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis this month. As a Senior CADD Technician, Sheila works closely with the engineering staff, providing CAD design across all markets.

“One of my many favorite projects was the St. Peter’s Hospital Pavilion project with Chris Lesher,” said Sheila. “It was a very intricate job in which I had a lot of involvement in drafting. I think the building looks great, and I have had the chance to get a close look at several different parts because I have had two surgeries there. A funny story was when I had my mastectomy, they were wheeling me through the different parts of the hospital to get to the surgery suite, and I was telling them how I worked on the structural drawings and how some of the structural components for the building came together, and how cool it was to be in the finished product.”

Congratulations, Sheila.