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Smart Energy Building

Binghamton University 
Binghamton, NY
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    Structural Engineering

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    College and University

The new 114,000-square-foot academic facility provides space for faculty, students, and industry scientists and engineers to work together interactively. The new building accommodates research and development initiatives for the chemistry and physics departments, with new laboratories, classrooms, and offices.

Research at the site will focus on alternative energy production, harvesting and storage in areas such as thin-film solar panel design and production, consumer-ready solar cells, and next-generation battery production.

Laboratory Pods

The three-story Pods form the largest features of the building and consist of conventional steel framing and composite slab construction.

Energy Smart

The two-story building features ornate custom steel, as well as a basement and a green roof. In the spirit of the smart energy research initiatives of the facility, we incorporated thermal breaks at various structural connections around the perimeter of the building to reduce heat loss.


Steel Structure

Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis assisted in the development of and designed the ornamental exposed structural steel in the Link rotunda, Tree Stair, and Atrium roof. The structural systems rely on curved, round HSS to resist lateral and gravity loads.


The central atrium connects the two laboratory pods.

Binghamton University Green Energy Building