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Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing is used wherever possible on Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis projects to minimize destructive removals.

Testing needs are developed as the field survey proceeds. We work to find the appropriate engineering properties of in-situ materials rather than relying on historical data. 

Non-Destructive Testing Services we offer include:

Acoustic Emission Testing

Detect damage, predict impending failure in historic stone structures

Pull Testing
Confirm anchor locations, load capacity
Bond Testing
Verify bond between layers of materials
Borescope Investigation
Inspection of inaccessible areas
Chain Drag
Detect delaminations in concrete slabs
Chemical Analysis of Mortars
Mortar testing for repointing or repairs
Coating Pull-off Testing

Measure bond strength/adhesion

Flat-Jack Testing
Masonry evaluation stress tests
Ground Penetrating Radar
Locate subsurface/site utilities
Impact-Echo Testing
Detect cracks/voids in concrete & masonry
Infrared Scanning
Detect thermal differences resulting from delaminated concrete
Moisture Detection in Concrete Slabs
Detect moisture in concrete
Pulse Velocity Testing
Detect internal cracks/delaminations in concrete & masonry
Rebar Location
Locate rebar in concrete
Slip Meter
Floor safety assessment testing
Spray Bar Testing
Water intrusion testing/leak investigations
Surface Penetrating Radar
Detect steel reinforcement, electrical conduits and voids, etc., in concrete and masonry
Measures thickness of material (steel, aluminum, cast iron, nylon)
Vibration Analysis
For floor framing in sensitive areas; healthcare, labs