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Contractor Support Services

Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis has been providing construction support services to contractors, fabricators, erectors, and suppliers for buildings, bridges, and other structures for over four decades.

Our specialties include:
Feasibility Assessment
Preliminary and Final Designs
Alternative Structures
Temporary Bracing and Shoring
Sheet Piling
Soldier Piles and Lagging
Braced and Cellular Cofferdams
Tie-backs or Rakers
Crib Walls
Soil Nailing
Geosynthetic Reinforced Walls
Jacking and Receiving Pits
Fall Arrest Static Lines
Structural Lifting Steel and Concrete Erection
Bridge Erection and Demolition
Crane Layout and Coordination
Specialty Rigging and Lifting
Specialty Shop Drawing Preparation
Repair, Design, and Details
Structural Analysis and Load Rating
Stone Veneer Anchorage Design
Load Testing/Nondestructive Testing
Temporary Structures
Construction Shielding
Scaffolding/Work Platforms

Specialty Services

Demolition Plans and Procedures
Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis has conducted pre-demolition surveys of building due to their close proximity to demolition operations. Observation reports include a record of the general preexisting structural condition of the buildings before demolition. We also work with demolition contractors to review and develop demolition procedures for buildings to determine if shoring is required. Typically, we are also retained to perform a post-demolition surveys to re-inspect for changed conditions. We have assisted with evaluation of existing buildings where portions of the buildings were to remain and designed temporary shoring for façades. We closely monitor the remaining portions of the buildings for property managers on a routine basis to determine if there are any changes or movement.

We have a long history of working for Owners, Contractors, and Specialty Scaffolding Companies to design shoring to prevent structures from collapse, or to allow construction to proceed in rehabilitation projects. In rehabilitation projects, there are many instances where bearing walls need to be removed or major changes to the structure are required. Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis has designed temporary shoring to allow the work to proceed safely.

Stone Anchor Design
We have served as Delegated Design Engineer to design anchors and supports for dimensioned stone and other specialty cladding systems for new and existing buildings. For existing buildings, Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis has performed field testing of proposed anchors as a basis for design. Materials have included limestone, granite, marble, cast stone, brownstone, and terra cotta for walls, soffit panels, arches, lintels, jambs, sills, copings, and other accent features for both interior and exterior applications. Anchor materials have included stainless steel straps, rods, pins, angles, and proprietary cladding systems.

Structural Lifting
The firm is involved in many aspects of bridge construction including jacking (or structural lifting operations). When acting on the owner’s behalf, Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis specifies the jacking. When acting on the contractor’s behalf, we develop the plans and details for the contractor to implement. Bridges may require jacking or shoring to strengthen existing bridge members, to replace a deteriorated member or existing bearing, to replace a failed or damaged member, or to aid in the erection of the structure.

Cold-Formed Metal Framing
Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis provides structural engineering design and detailing of light-gauge cold-formed metal-framed (CFMF) structures. Acting as either the design Engineer of Record or as the delegated engineer responsible for provision of engineered shop drawings and component design calculations, Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis provides services including engineering for multi-story loadbearing CFMF; plywood/metal panel/gypsum shear walls and light-gauge strap braced frames for wind and seismic force resistance; cladding and curtain back-up assembly framing; and interior non-loadbearing partitions, supports, and assemblies. The CFMF design can be seamlessly coordinated with concrete, steel, and masonry components and supporting structures.