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Investigation & Inspection

Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis demonstrates versatility, competence, and the ability to adapt investigative techniques to the specific needs of each client and project.

Our strong analytical skills and field experience allow us to develop a systematic approach for each field investigation and condition survey. The more we know about the condition of a structure, the better equipped we are to develop an economical and efficient solution. We perform most of these investigative and testing services with our own staff and equipment. Our specialties include:

  • Building Condition Evaluation and Repair Planning
  • Building Damage Evaluations
  • Concrete Investigations
  • Emergency Stabilization
  • Expert Assistance with Insurance Claims
  • Façade Evaluations
  • Feasibility Analyses
  • Load Testing
  • Parking Structure Evaluation and Repair
  • Peer Reviews
  • Pre-purchase Evaluations
  • Roof Evaluations
  • Slab and Flooring Failure Investigations

Condition Assessments of Parking Garages The New York State Department of State has adopted a rule in 2018 requiring towns, villages, counties, and State agencies that are responsible for administering and maintaining parking garages to have periodic condition assessments of those garages performed by qualified professional engineers.

We use a methodology to investigate parking garages. First, we gather information and perform existing document review, identify potential issues, and identify areas that need to be observed/tested. We then provide a visual assessment where we perform field documentation including measurements and identify any testing and analysis. Third, we diagnose the issue applying non-destructive testing capabilities, structural analysis, and confirm a hypothesis. We then solve the issue linking a behavior to our observation and identify the underlying cause. Lastly, we provide our clients with recommendations for repair or replacement addressing the underlying causes, options, and a cost estimate.

Construction Inspection
Our Construction Inspectors ensure that structural engineering designs are properly constructed in the field. We routinely provide these services for municipalities and other engineering firms. We inspect the construction of parking garages, municipal retaining walls, ramps, and transportation-related projects including roadways, bridges, and airports.

Special Inspection
Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis has been actively providing Special Inspection services since the requirements were first introduced in the Building Code of New York State in 2002. As the Registered Design Professional, we tailor the Statement and Schedule of Special Inspections to meet code requirements as well as the specific needs of each project. We strongly believe that as the Structural Engineer of Record, we are the most qualified to provide the required Special Inspection services for the project. As Special Inspector we:

  • Work closely with testing agencies to provide timely, comprehensive inspections for each project.
  • Use our expertise of the project’s structural design to provide knowledgeable inspection of all types of building materials.
  • Use our cooperative relationships with Contractors to streamline the Special Inspection process.
  • Provide open communication between the Engineer of Record, the Code Official, and the Contractor to ensure timely resolution of construction issues.

Drone Technology

Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis uses the unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) to assist with observations in inaccessible spaces. Recently, the technology was used to document existing conditions indoors within several connected four-story vacant buildings. The areas were not accessible because large areas of the floors were missing. Also, the drone was used to document one area of the building that had collapsed. Our UAV operators are certified through the FAA and have passed the Remote Pilot In Command certification exam required by the FAA. In compliance with the FAA’s UAS Airman Certification Standards, Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis abides by Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 107 (a.k.a 14 CFR Part 107) that regulates the safe commercial operation of small unmanned aircraft operations in National Airspace.