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Renovation, Repair and Restoration

In an age of sustainability and conscientious design, there is a renewed emphasis on renovation of existing facilities.

A significant part of our professional practice involves working with existing facilities. Throughout our long history, we have renovated and strengthened thousands of existing structures, often giving them a new purpose. We’ve converted libraries to office buildings, airport hangars to theaters, banks to performance studios, and more. Our renovation and adaptive reuse projects begin with an accurate review of existing drawings and documents and a feasibility study to determine if the existing structure complies with current code requirements. After a careful analysis, our design solutions help to shape the new character of the building. We have been instrumental in redefining and extending the life of existing buildings. We strive to incorporate recycled materials in our designs. We draw on our knowledge and skills to allow us to contribute to the owner’s desire to create an eco-friendly facility. It gives us great satisfaction to assist owners of all types of buildings in maintaining and preserving the buildings they already have as well as putting these buildings to a new use.

Façade Services

Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis provides a complete range of structural engineering services related to the building envelope. Because the façade impact the overall aesthetic and performance of a building, the firm’s restoration designs are developed as a team. Client and Owner input are always considered along with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards.

Modern engineering principles are used for analyzing structures and are often compared to historical empirical methods.
facade repair

During construction, the Project Manager keeps the investigation and design team involved since construction may uncover new conditions. Working with architects, stone suppliers, masonry contractors, and other engineers, we have provided structural engineering services throughout the northeast for university buildings; commercial, retail, and office facilities; medical campuses; K12 schools; and for historic properties. The firm specializes in:  

  • Investigations and diagnosis
  • Façade design and detailing
  • Back-up wall design 
  • Stone detailing 
  • Anchor design and detailing 
  • Panelized masonry 
  • Masonry cleaning details and mortar matching  
  • Nondestructive testing services