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SUNY Oneonta


We have strong relationships with and work experience for numerous industrial clients. Often this work requires our engineers and surveyors to have special permitting or clearances in order to provide inspection near sensitive equipment. For over four decades we have worked in industrial facilities to provide time-sensitive solutions so that operations can continue without disruption. Our portfolio of projects in this market sector includes investigation, renovation and new design of industrial sites and structures with emphasis on:

  • Crane Layout/Coordination
  • Floor Load Ratings
  • Hoists and Monorail System Design
  • Loading Dock Investigation and Design
  • Pipe Support Design
  • Roof Evaluations and Reinforcement Design for new RTUs
  • Steel Connection Design
  • Storage Tank Design
  • Work Platforms, Catwalks and Scaffolding
Adelphi Hotel

Off-site Manufacturing—Structural Engineering

Ryan Biggs Clark Davis collaborates with design professionals and multi-disciplinary project delivery teams to provide innovative and cost-efficient structural solutions for off-site fabrications at manufacturing facilities. Our services include:

  • Structural design for temporary and permanent load conditions
  • 3D BIM modeling and Virtual Construction
  • Space planning and multi-discipline clash detection in both new and existing facilities
  • Tie-ins and anchorages to building structure
  • Structural coordination with hardware attachments


  • Multi-trade utility conveyance and catwalk systems
  • Modular pipe spools
  • Trestles and Pipe Bridges
  • Skidded Equipment
  • Manifolded Valve Stations

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Equipment Support—Structural Engineering

RB|CD provides design services directly to facility owners or as subconsultants to Design Professionals, General Contractors, or MEP Contractors to develop support and anchorage solutions for piping, utilities, and equipment.Coordinate with multiple trades, contractors, consultants to develop an effective delegated design solution.

  • Seismic Bracing and attachment for high hazard piping, ductwork, tanks and in line equipment
  • Tank and Equipment foundations and anchorages
  • 3d BIM Modeling and coordination with 3d scan data at existing facilities
  • Space planning and multi discipline clash detection
  • Pipe stress and hardware attachment coordination
  • Special Inspections