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Continuing Education Seminar Series

Providing quality engineering services has been the cornerstone from which Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis has worked and grown since its founding in 1973.

Realizing that we live in a changing society and marketplace and that Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis' talents and culture must be able to quickly adapt to meet the changing needs of our clients and the construction industry, we encourage our staff to participate in continuing education sessions and advanced study inside or outside of the office. Our engineers and surveyors are encouraged to share what they’ve learned to the rest of the staff. Our in-house seminars are held at lunchtime on Mondays and cover a variety of topics including recent projects, industry standards, code updates, testing equipment best practices, and related technological and software advances. All staff are invited to attend to gain an understanding as to what is going on in and around the firm. These sessions afford junior staff the opportunity to learn from our senior-level and principal engineers through their documented experiences and expertise and open forum discussion. #ryanbiggsclarkdavis #continuingeducation

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