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Sponsoring National Engineers Week and Model Bridge Competition

Ryan Biggs Clark Davis is proud to sponsor the 43rd Annual Capital District Engineer’s Week.

For over 40 years, the program has been set-up to raise public awareness about the engineering profession, to promote the importance of technical education, to motivate student to pursue engineering and related careers, and to financially support STEM organizations and events. We are also a proud sponsor of the student Model Bridge Competition. The MBC has been a tradition at the Capital District celebration of National Engineers Week, encouraging future engineers, since 1983! Over 100 high school students from around the region participate each year. Students in Grades 9-12 build a balsa wood arch or truss type bridge. Each model is judged on its aesthetics (design and craftsmanship) and is then weighed, measured, and loaded to failure by a testing machine. The models are 400 mm long, no greater than 100 mm wide and 200 mm high. Model efficiency scores are computed based upon maximum load at failure divided by the weight of the model.

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Engineer week sponsor