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RBCD Rewind: The T House

We served as structural engineering consultant on a unique and unparalleled project in the early 1990s.

This residence, located in Upstate New York, was constructed of weathering steel and weighed in at 82 tons. The designers dubbed the project the “T House” after its dominant form. We provided technical input during the research/development phase of the complex project. During this phase, the composite steel plate skin and modular system concepts were formulated. The design team’s research uncovered no known precedent for these systems or the utilization of weathering steel as both structure and cladding/roofing to form a vessel-type structure. We then executed the structural modeling and design of the steel shell as well as the interior floors, the foundation, and a special interior miscellaneous metal system. The Daily Gazette reported, “A metal castle has arrived, a fortress of solitude designed for one, conveying both strength and mystery. Some people say the new building will stay in the woods forever, tucked away in the maples that tower above.” The project was given National Finalist Status for Engineering Excellence from the American Consulting Engineers Council in 1993.

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T House