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ACI Silver Award Winner: Binghamton Baseball, Binghamton University

Ryan Biggs Clark Davis won a Design and Installation Silver Award from the Central New York Chapter of the American Concrete Institute for the Baseball Field House and Stadium Enhancements at Binghamton University.

The new baseball stadium at Binghamton University just outside Binghamton, New York, is a state-of-the-art Division 1 facility and the new home of the Bearcats. This $40 million project features three separate buildings, stadium seating for approximately 1,500 fans, and elevated walkways (promenades). The buildings include a field house, a media and press building, and an umpire and visiting team building. Cast-in-place and precast concrete serve architectural and functional needs throughout the project, most prominently, in the elevated promenades and stadium seating area. While the buildings are steel framed with concrete spread footings, foundation walls, and piers, the stadium area consists of precast structural concrete bleacher units bearing on precast concrete walls, raker beams, and columns. Exposed precast is also used to frame the dugouts and stairs from grade up to the promenade/second-floor level. Cast-in-place concrete walls form the boundary between the stadium and playing field. Three separate promenades consist of structural concrete slabs supported by structural steel with a wearing surface topping slab above. Structural concrete walls comprise the elevator shafts which are part of the lateral bracing system in the field house and press building. Structural concrete slabs are also used at the hydrotherapy area in the field house.  Structural precast concrete is meant to serve the functional needs of a modern Division 1 stadium. The layout of components was scrutinized to dovetail into the surrounding buildings and promenades which serve a more prominent aesthetic role. The finish and durability of the precast is critically important to maintain consistency and longevity of the system. Exposed non-wearing surfaces have a smooth form finish with no added color. Wearing surfaces have a non-slip finish. The promenades provide exterior links between buildings at the second-floor level and access to the upper portion of the stadium seating area. The cast-in-place concrete structural slabs are exposed underneath at two of the promenades and have a smooth form finish. Topping slabs placed on top of the structural slabs have a non-slip broom finish. The promenades themselves are unique structures that are supported by ornamental exposed structural steel. These structures are highly visible from outside and inside of the ballpark, providing one of the primary aesthetic components of the stadium complex. Overall, the finished project is reflective of Binghamton University’s commitment to its athletic programs. The new stadium puts Binghamton University and upstate New York Division 1 baseball on the map.

Spenser Maunu, Aaron Leentjes, and Janis Baker attended the awards ceremony.

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