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RBCD Rewind: The Riverfront News

In 1986, we published our first staff newsletter “The Riverfront News.” 

Back when we only had one office in Troy, the Hudson River was in our backyard, so the name was appropriate. Decades later, we still publish the newsletter, but it has since been renamed “The Roundup.” Since the beginning, this publication was meant to be light-hearted and kept our staff up to date on people and project news.  Published by our marketing team, employees are still encouraged to submit information for the “Digging Up the Dirt” column, pet updates, recipes and restaurant reviews, movie reviews, puzzles and games, and general staff and project updates. The availability of design software has certainly come a long way since printing our first edition and we are now able to produce content with ease but imagine it wasn’t as easy back in ’86 on that Apple II!

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