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Ellis Hospital parking

Ellis Hospital Parking Structure Repairs

Schenectady, NY
  • Capabilities

    Renovations, Repair, Restoration, Investigation & Inspection, Non-destructive Testing

  • Markets

    Parking Garages

Constructed in 1976, the parking structure at Ellis Hospital is a free-standing, four-story, cast-in-place concrete structure. The building is four bays wide with two interior bays sloped to serve as ramps between the levels. The structural system for the upper three levels is a 5½-inch-thick, post-tensioned, cast-in-place concrete slab.

Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis performed an investigation and developed repair/maintenance priorities and budgets for the structure. The recommended $3 million repair program was phased over several years to allow continued use of the building.

Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis was then retained to design repairs for several phases of the multi-phased repair program. The work included concrete repairs, coating repairs, and structural repairs to the post-tensioned tendons. For each phase, Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis worked closely with the owner and contractor to develop travel lanes to allow full occupancy of the structure while the repairs were being performed.  

Ellis Hospital parking
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