Saratoga WWTP

Saratoga Wastewater Treatment Plant

Mechanicville, NY
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    Structural Engineering, Contractor Support

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Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis provided structural engineering services to a Contractor in support of their ongoing work at the Saratoga Wastewater Treatment Plant (Sewer District #1). Projects included:

  • Evaluation of a section of wall that was cast using a design mix that did not conform to project specifications. The purpose was to provide an outline of potential implications and recommend mitigation measures to the Engineer of Record.
  • Structural design for a cast-in-place concrete activated sludge box with an inside dimension of 10 ½ square feet, top elevation of 83 feet, and base elevation of 58 feet.
  • Structural design for concrete wall openings for water to pass through into a coarse bubble chamber.
  • Investigation of construction joints in the slabs and walls after leaks were discovered.
  • Inspection of the existing solids waste disposal building roof slab.
  • Structural design for handrail attachments to the top of the concrete tanks.
  • Structural engineering peer review of specifications and construction documents pertaining to a four-chamber aeration basin as part of the WWTP upgrade.