Hillsdale WWTP

Wastewater Collection & Treatment System

Hillsdale, NY

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    Civil Engineering, Investigation & Inspection, Surveying and Underground Utility Location

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The Town of Hillsdale had long standing problems within the Town’s center. Failing septic systems were prominent and had created unsanitary conditions within the Village. After the Columbia County Department of Health declared the situation a public health hazard, a Consent Order was issued to the Town by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC).

Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis has assisted the Town of Hillsdale in every step of this process including:

  • Obtaining grant and low interest loan funding.
  • Treatment System Site Determination.
  • Complete design of the Wastewater Collection and Treatment System.
  • Approval of all associated regulatory agencies including NYS DEC and NYS Department of Transportation.
  • Project engineering and inspection services during construction.
  • Assistance during system start-up including training and permit compliance.

The Hillsdale system consists of an innovative septic tank effluent pump (STEP) system with directionally drilled HDPE small diameter force main discharging to a modular biofiltration treatment system.

The system has received high marks from the Town for its “invisibility” and minimal disruption to the community during construction. The collection and treatment system is very low maintenance while providing a high level of effluent quality, providing the town with an economical operations and maintenance budget.

Hillsdale WWTP