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SUNY Plattsburgh

Podium Rehabilitation 

SUNY Plattsburgh

Plattsburgh, NY

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    Renovations, Repair, Restoration, Investigation & Inspection, Structural Engineering, Non-destructive Testing

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    College & University

The Podium is an elevated concrete walkway constructed in the 1970s that connects seven buildings in the academic quad. The 46,000-square-foot structure covers parking adjacent to the buildings and also space over the main public street leading to the campus.

The original waterproofing system was replaced, and a sand bed and paver system was installed. With the severe winters in New York’s North Country, snow removal from the elevated structure was a significant challenge, and copious amount of deicing chemicals were needed to maintain pedestrian safety. Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis was contracted to lead a team of consultants to rehabilitate and improve the function of the Podium and address the operational challenges for the campus.

Chloride contamination was severe in many locations and portions of the supporting structure were demolished and replaced. The bridge span over the roadway is protected with an impressed current cathodic protection system.

A new, fluid-applied waterproofing system will protect both the new and rehabilitated portions of the structure.

The precast pavers were replaced with a combination of stamped concrete walkways with internal hydronic snow melt and green roof areas.

SUNY Plattsburgh
SUNY Plattsburgh
SUNY Plattsburgh