Canfield Casino

Saratoga Springs, NY
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    Investigation and Inspection, Historic Preservation

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    Commercial + Office


Canfield Casino, located in historic Congress, is a former gambling casino and later became Congress Hall, a resort hotel. Built in 1870, this three-story brick building currently houses the Saratoga Springs History Museum and serves as a venue for weddings and other social gatherings. The Casino is owned by the City of Saratoga Springs. Over the last two decades, Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis has worked on various projects at Canfield Casino. We performed an investigation and provided design for corrective details after 45 feet of the upper parapet failed and fell to the ground. We also provided an investigation of the Service Annex to determine if there were obvious signs of ongoing structure settlement.  Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis also performed the structural analysis of the existing floor framing and provided the structural design for first-floor reinforcing and basement moisture remediation.


Valentine Boathouse
Valentine Boathouse


During a Building Envelope Analysis, the architect observed that several of the original ceiling support hangars were cracked and damaged. Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis directed DPW to close the Ballroom for safety concerns. Temporary emergency measures were installed to allow the room to be reopened for previously scheduled events. Phase 2 included the Long-Term Stabilization, requiring the Ballroom be closed to the public and casino staff for three months. The structural portion of the project was designed by Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis and included new structural steel channels and cross bracing to transfer the upper and lower clerestory roof loads to the main steel attic girders. The plaster was stabilized through the use of steel cables threaded through the ceiling to the supporting framing above. Phase 3 included the final plaster restoration for the Ballroom ceiling.

The Canfield Casino is a National Historic Landmark.