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Johnson Center for Health and Wellness

Hamilton College

Clinton, NY

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    Structural Engineering

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    College and University

Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis provided the structural engineering design for the new 13,000-square-foot, two-story Health and Counseling Center.

The three steeply pitched roof gables and slate shingles are supported by prefabricated wood trusses spanning between structural steel support lines. The second floor and a portion of the first floor are supported by conventional concrete slab on deck construction with steel beams and columns. The basement level houses the large mechanical units necessary to serve the building. The hand-placed stone on the exterior façade used a back bed of mortar to achieve a dry-laid look without the appearance of mortar joints.

The building is comprised of a shared waiting room, reception, and conference/staff room that serves both the clinical suite on the first floor and counseling offices, group rooms, sunroom, and biofeedback space on the second floor. Within the clinical suite are staff offices, exam rooms, nurse’s station, medication room, and lab, and the student-run EMT service. The project also included a new campus green space in the existing student services village.