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SUNY Plattsburgh

Cornell University

Various Projects

Ithaca, NY

  • Capabilities

    Structural Engineering, Renovation, Repair and Restoration, Investigation and Inspection, Historic Preservation, Nondestructive testing 

  • Markets

    College & University

Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis has provided structural engineering services on dozens of projects at Cornell University. The scope of projects completed have included condition surveys and structural assessments, roof evaluations, façade restoration, structural repairs and restoration details, and design of additions and renovations to existing facilities, and new buildings.

Our portfolio includes:

120 Maple Avenue, Existing condition assessment of exterior envelope; developed report of findings

Alumni House Renovations, addition of elevator

Baker Lab New canopy

Barton Hall Structural condition survey of exterior masonry and roof; top of tower reconstruction

Big Red Barn Stabilization of roof framing

Chi Phi Rehab of Frat House built in 1890

Emerson Hall Vertical expansion for a mechanical room addition, new elevator and mechanical openings in existing concrete structure

Equine Park Main Barn structural assessment; grout injection

Equine Park New Barn structural design of barn to replace existing; includes barn structure with clinical, teaching and research spaces

Foundry Building Feasibility study for two renovation projects involving roof and attic framing

Gannett Health Center four-story addition to existing structure; demo of portions of existing building replaced with three-story structure

George Jameson Hall Structural design for repairs to elevator shaft

Goldwin Smith Replacement of original auditorium with a 135-seat lecture hall and Dean’s office, relocated from another building

Ives Hall Roof replacements of several adjacent roofs totaling 20,000 square feet

Johnson Museum of Art Analysis of floor and roof and addition of compact storage in the basement and added roof; fall arrest system

Jordan Hall Structural design for renovations, Geneva campus

Kennedy Hall Structural design for a new mezzanine

Martha Van Rensselaer Hall 35,000 square foot addition

McGraw Hall Repair and reinforcement of roof framing; condition survey of exterior envelope

Myron Taylor Hall Investigation of Peace Tower; repair details for needed repairs; on-site construction observations

Noyes Hall Structural design for balcony extension

Phi Gamma Delta structural design for renovations

Olin Library Design for exterior panel replacement; terrace rehabilitation

Residence Halls fire escape code-compliance investigations and repair details

Riley Robb Additions and renovations

Roberts Hall Roof and exterior wall study; curtain wall

Rockefeller Hall Renovations to 1904 facility including reinforcing heavy timber attic and roof structure

Sage House Removal and reconstruction of porch floor to allow for perimeter foundation drain; framing for ADA ramp

Savage Hall Renovations to the fourth floor

Schurman Hall Structural renovations for laboratory and office space

Sibley Hall Structural condition and building envelope study; second-floor fit-out; 3rd floor renovations; global stability study

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Structural design for lintels in new openings in existing masonry walls at fraternity house

Snee Hall analyzed structural components for replacement of skylight

Stimson Hall LRC relocation structural design services

Uris Hall Roofing peer review; exterior envelope study

Willard Straight Hall elevator addition, access ramp design

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