Olympic Ski Jumps

Lake Placid, NY
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Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis provided structural engineering services for the Olympic Ski Jumps in Lake Placid. The Ski Jumping Complex is comprised of 90- and 120-meter ski jump towers built for the 1980 Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid. Training and Nordic ski competitions occur at the complex year round.

Our scope of services for this project included review of existing record drawings showing existing ski jump trusses and starting gates, drawings showing proposed extended stair and starting gate assembly, and freeze rails to determine proposed design loads to be supported on existing trusses.

We also reviewed the design loads and structural analysis previously provided by another engineering firm. We analyzed existing trusses to support current ski in-run and starting gates, as well as an analysis to support proposed freeze rail and extended starting gate and stair assembly. We provided a summary of the results of the structural analysis showing the most highly stressed truss members including a comparison of load capacity to required member design loads. We evaluated existing truss capacity using required structural design loads in accordance with the NYS Uniform Code. We also provided truss reinforcing details for the large and small ski jumps and provided Construction Administration services.

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