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Saratoga Springs CSD

Oneida Middle School

Schenectady, NY
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    Renovations, Repair & Restoration, Structural Engineering

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Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis provided the structural design for a large renovation project at the Oneida Middle School in the Schenectady Central School District.

Our extensive scope of work included stair infills at the ground, first, and second floors, and resupporting floor framing; infilling the basement storage room and boiler room with flowable fill, and infilling wall and roof slab openings; removing and replacing slabs on grade, and providing new floor slab and structure in the existing boiler room; and reinforcing the adjacent existing floor structure.

The construction cost was approximately $20 million.

We also reinforced the roof structure and designed additional supports at 10 proposed roof-top mechanical units and at miscellaneous openings for ducts.

We also provided modifications at the entrances, including the existing east and west entrance foundation walls, slabs, and ramps, and provided new exterior slabs and frost walls and a new interior supported ramp at the west entrance.

Oneida Middle School
Oneida Middle School

We removed and resupported existing floors of the masonry bearing walls to accommodate a new interior main stair, including the design of new columns, beams, floors, lintels, and stair supports.

We also provided the structural design of the new main entrance canopy and provided support of the new stone veneer.