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Athenex Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Facility

Dunkirk, New York

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Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis provided structural design services for the new 320,000+-square-foot drug manufacturing facility, which includes high-tech pharmaceutical manufacturing space, warehousing, and offices/laboratories.

The steel-framed building is supported by conventional spread footings. Elevated floor slabs are comprised of composite steel and concrete.  The exterior is a metal panel on horizontal steel girt system.  Special considerations for site excavation were made because the building is sited on expansive shale which is relatively close to the surface.  We designed a fix to “seal” the exposed shale between the site excavation and foundation backfills.

Valentine Boathouse
Valentine Boathouse
Valentine Boathouse

The design of Athenex was supported by a $200 million grant from New York State. The pharmaceuticals are manufactured in a controlled environment for shipment around the world. Athenex started in a University at Buffalo laboratory. The construction cost exceeded $200 million.