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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Environmental Facilities Corporation have undertaken a pilot program to provide best management practices for municipalities to develop asset management plans for their wastewater system Infrastructure. Asset Management is increasingly recognized as a key tool to ensure that critical infrastructure is financially and functionally sustainable.   

As a subconsultant, Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis is performing asset inventory data collection and assessment for wastewater systems that serve Washington County, Town of Bethlehem and the Villages of Vernon and Dolgeville, NY.

Detailed inventory and assessments are being conducted for the wastewater treatment and collection system components using a custom designed database. The database includes information such as; description, location, age, replacement cost, photographs, and condition assessments for each asset. 

In addition, GIS geodatabases are being developed and/or updated for collection system components such as manholes and piping. Manholes are being field mapped using high accuracy GPS data collectors.