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St. Peter's

St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church

Stephentown, NY

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    Renovations, Repair, & Restoration, Investigation & Inspection, Historic Preservation

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The church building is a wood-framed structure with a finished basement and a first-floor sanctuary which includes a balcony level on three sides.

Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis performed a structural investigation of the church steeple which at the time of the investigation, appeared to be leaning toward the west of the main sanctuary. The steeple was supported by four timber columns in each of the four corners of the steeple.

St. Peter's
St. Peter's

After a thorough investigation, we concluded that the deterioration was severe and the steeple would need to be rebuilt.

Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis designed the framing for a new wood-framed steeple to replicate the existing steeple. The design included reinforcing of the existing timber framing supporting the steeple and included bolted steel plate connections.

The design included special structural detailing, which allowed the existing finial and weathervane to be salvaged and installed on the new steeple.