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Rehabilitation of Locks 9 through 15

Mohawk River, Various Locations in New York State
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Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis has provided structural design work for many heavy construction contractors for various temporary cofferdams and sheet piling, including work on Locks E9-E15 (Moveable Dams 5-11) in the New York State Barge Canal System. Various types of foundation systems were designed to restrict flow of groundwater or river flow. Designs included:

  • Gate and upright removal procedures.
  • Main truss structural lifting.
  • Truss member repairs and retrofit.
  • Soil-filled cellular cofferdams.
  • Tremie concrete installations.
  • Soil grouting.
  • Rock socketing and rock anchors.
  • Braced sheet piling with wales and struts.
  • Cantilevered sheet piling.
  • Sheet pile cutoff walls.