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South Mall Towers

South Mall Towers

Albany, NY
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    Investigation & Inspection, Renovations, Repair, Restoration

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    Housing & Residential

In April 2011, the South Mall Towers suffered a failure of its veneer when a large section of brick fell from the outside of an elevator shaft four to five stories up the 18-story building to the sidewalk below.

Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis performed an emergency evaluation of the structure and provided stabilization details. We also performed an investigation including observations, limited removals, and nondestructive testing techniques.

The apartment buildings are constructed of cast-in-place concrete frames with CMU and brick walls and houses over 300 residents.

The brick veneer is nonstructural and is supported at each floor elevation with a steel angle (shelf angle) bolted to the concrete wall.

Although repairs were performed previously, Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis found several contributing causes for the failure that were not addressed with the previous repairs. We designed repairs for the building addressing the underlying causes.

The $3 million repair program is being phased over several years.

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